Jason Langley credits his successful career to his versatility and ability to groove. Known for his dependable “pocket” and groove oriented style, he has provided solid bass lines for pop stars, blues legends and Broadway touring shows.

Read about Jason’s 7 Steps to Groove or contact him for lessons or performance opportunities.

“Feeling is the missing link between good musicians & great musicians. I can’t teach feeling, but through education of music theory and proper listening sources, I can provide my students with both the knowledge and the inspiration to become great musicians.”

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Pandemic Blues ….

Greetings from your favorite Bigg Redd Bass Player !!! What to say? It’s been 7 months almost to the day that COVID-19 devastated the Entertainment Industry & the World, in general. Las Vegas is still closed, with the exception of “ambient” music with only singles, duo & trios. I’m hanging in there … Doing what … Continue reading Pandemic Blues ….

Winter Update

Greetings from your favorite Bigg Redd Bass Player !!! Life is good, ya’ll … Been a minute since I’ve made time to update. The December trip to the U.K. with Matt Goss was amazing. It was great to see so much of England and make it to Glasgow, Scotland. The shows were all great and … Continue reading Winter Update

Soul Doctor

Greetings from your favorite Bigg Redd bass player !!! As fall is upon us here in Las Vegas, I’m taking a long overdue break to check in. 🙂 All is well in Bigg Redd land. It’s been a great few months of mostly working with Matt Goss over at the Mirage and a few scattered … Continue reading Soul Doctor

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